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Historical Information

Nordfjordlag Stevne List             List of stevne dates, places, and bridal couples.

Nordfjord Bride Photo Album   Pictures of bridal couples

(If members have better pictures than those displayed or pictures for years missing from the album please contact the web master so we can make this record as complete as possible!)

Nordfjordlaget Officers List     A listing of the officers from 1910 to the present.

History of the Nordfjordlag Banner

Information about the origins and history of the old banner and how the new banner was created.

About The Bridal Gown

An article about the history of the Bridal Outfit taken from the 75th Anniversary Lag book

News Article Translations

Translations of Newspaper articles and stories by our guide, Arnold Sunde, from the 2005 trip to Norway.

Panoramic Photos

Copies of panoramic photos taken at various stevne from 1910 to 1937

Nordfjordlag E-News    --   Choose Desired Issue:

Newsletter, May 1986
Volume 1-1, July-2020
Volume 1-2, October-2020
Volume 2-1, March-2021

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Excerpts from Lag books:

Nordfjordlaget"s 50 Years 1910-1960

"Nordfjordlagets Sang"

"Our Norwegian Heritage" by B. A. Grimmestad

"Nordfjordlaget Through 50 Years" by R. J. Meland

"Charter Members of the Nordfjord Lag at the 50th stevne"

"Biography of Rasmus J. Meland"

"Nordfjordlagets 50th Year Stevne"

"Nordfjord Officers at 50th"

"Nordfjord Navensang"

Nordfjordlaget"s 75th Anniversary

"Nordfjordlag Charter Members"

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Member Registration Payments 1915-1934

Contents from this book are arranged by city name but check on additional pages for more than one entry.  (Numbers are book page numbers. Missing numbers are blank pages!) Be careful, the letters r,n,m,u, and w are very hard to tell apart.  For a higher resolution copy of a page contact the webmaster.

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  1. Cover sheet
  2. Alvorado MN, Appleton MN
  3. Aberdeen SD, Albion NE
  4. Aberdeen WA, Admiral Sask. Canada
  5. Adams ND
  6. Aneta ND, Bricelyn MN
  7. Aitkin MN, Belview MN, Benson MN
  8. Belview MN
  9. Belview MN, Baker ND, Barnesville MN, Browerville MN
  10. Beardsley MN, Brainerd MN, Berthbold ND, Billings MT, Brooklyn NY
  11. Blue Earth MN, Broham MN, Blair WI, Braddock ND
  12. Benson MN, Beaver Bay MN
  13. Brooten MN, Brinsmade ND, Bismark ND, Binford ND
  14. Bricelyn MN, Bristol SD
  15. Breckenridge MN, Bristol SD, Brandwood ND, Bradish NE
  16. Clinton MN, Bristol SD, Corsica SD, Britten SD
  17. Clarkfield MN
  18. Clearbrook MN, Comstok MN, Chicago IL
  19. Churches Ferry ND, Bristol SD, Clifford ND
  20. Corbory ND, Cloquet MN,  Cloton SD, Coulee SD, Coon Valley WI
  21. Chippewa Falls WI, Chicago IL, Chancellor SD
  22. Cromwell WA, Cewell MN, Camington SD, Canwood Sask Canada, Conrad MT
  23. Bricelyn MN, Albert Lee MN
  24. Delhi MN, Diamond MN, Cody WY
  25. Duluth MN, Drewton ND, Dawson MN
  26. Donnelly MN, DuPont WA, Deere Lodge MT
  1. Eldorado MN, Eldrid MN
  2. Elmore MN, Elbow Lake MN
  3. Ellendale MN
  4. Edenburg ND
  5. Emmett ND
  6. Ettrick WI
  7. Echo MN, Egeland ND
  8. blank
  9. Frost MN, Fisher MN
  10. Foreston MN, Forsyth WI, Flandreau SD
  11. Fosston MN, Forest City IA
  12. Firtile MN, Ferryville WI
  13. Finley ND, Felton MN, Freeman SD, Fairdale ND, Frontier, Sask Canada
  14. Fargo ND, Fergus Falls MN
  15. Glenwood MN, Goodrich MN
  16. Gary MN, Gibbon MN
  17. Granite Falls MN
  18. Grand Forks ND, Govan Sask. Canada
  19. Grand Rapids ND, Glendale CA, Genese ND
  20. Galesville WI,  Glenham SD
  21. blank
  22. Hartland ND, Howard SD
  23. Hartland MN, Hopkins MN, Highmore SD, Hammond IN
  24. Hitterdal MN, Harlow ND, Hazel MN
  25. Holt MN, Hampton ND, Hawley MN
  26. Hannaford ND, Honeyford ND, Hibbing MN, Hichson ND, Huron SD
  27. Howard SD, Holmquist SD
  28. Huntly SD, Hegg WI
  29. Iola WI, Howard SD
  30. Howard SD, Hanlantown IA
  31. Holmquist SD, Hancock MN, Howard SD, Herbert Sask. Canada
  32. blank
  33. Jasper MN, Isabel SD
  1. Kiester MN, Kindred ND, Kennet WI
  1. Little Falls MN, Los Angeles CA, Lester Prairie MN, Little Marais MN
  2. Lakefield MN, Lake Park MN
  3. Luvene MN, Laurel ND
  4. Lauda ND, Lane SD
  5. Lane SD, Lily SD
  6. Lenxville WI, Litchfield MN, Lead SD
  7. Lodi WI, Lake Mills IA, Leith ND
  8. Lacrosse WI, Lansford ND, Libby MT
  9. blank
  10. Mount Sterling WI, Minneapolis MN
  11. Minneapolis MN
  12. Montivideo MN, Murdock MN, Mobridge SD
  13. Moorehead MN, Madison MN, Mafleton MN
  14. Morton MN, Mitchel SD, Miles City MT, Mankato MN, Madelia MN, Montpelier ND
  15. MS Ville ND, Minot ND, Mekinock ND, Max ND, Missoula MT
  16. Maddock ND, Menernouce Jct. WI, Marvin SD, Mohall ND, Morris MN, Medland SD
  17. Madison SD, Madison WI, Mondovi WI, Newda SD
  18. Norcross MN, Newwan Grove NE, Northwood IA, Northfields MN, Napoleon ND, Nohels SD, Northwood ND
  19. Odessa MN, Nome ND, Mount Vernnen SD, New Prairie MN
  20. Ortonville MN
  21. Oldham SD, Olympia WA, Oak Park IL, Onfordville WI
  22. Ortonville MN
  1. Pekin ND, Parkside Sask. Canada
  2. Pierfont SD, Pierre SD, Portland OR
  3. Prettyrock ND, Presho SD
  1. Roy ND, Rutland SD, Raub ND, Redwood Falls MN, Rainy Lake Ont. Canada, Rosholt SD
  2. Rice Lake WI, Radium MN, Refelje MT, Renville MN
  3. Rake IA, Ryley Alberta Canada, Rustad MN
  4. Rapidan MN
  1. St. Anthony Park MN, Seneca WI, Sanborn MN, Spokane WA
  2. Saint Peter MN, Superior WI, Sandborn MN
  3. Swift Falls MN, Seattle WA, Schaefer ND
  4. St. Paul MN
  5. Sande ND, Stanton ND
  6. Sisseton ND, Story City IA, Starbuck MN
  7. Sioux Falls SD, Sandstone MN, Silverdale WA
  8. Scarville IA, Soldiers Grove WI, Stoughton WI
  9. Terrace MN, Tacoma WA, Trail City SD
  10. Thompson IA, Towner ND
  11. Thief River Falls MN, Twin Brooks SD
  12. Tacoma WA
  13. blank
  14. blank
  15. Ulen MN
  1. Viroqua WI
  1. Wabasso MN, Wessington Springs SD
  2. Wheaton MN, Wentworth SD, Wood Lake MN, White Rock SD
  3. Watson MN, Warren MN, Wells MN, Wittenberg WI
  4. Wild Rose ND, Westhope ND, Wheelock ND, White Earth ND, Wildwood MN
  5. Wallcott ND, Wahpeton ND, Wooddock ND, Wilbaux MT
  6. York ND, Webster SD, Woonsocket SD
  7. Winfred SD, Warren MN, Wood SD

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Member Registration payments 1935-1960

Contents from this book are arranged by page number.
See the index found on sheet 02 for page locations of cities.
(Numbers are book page numbers. Missing numbers are blank pages!) Be careful, the letters r,n,m,u, and w are very hard to tell apart.  For a higher resolution copy of a page contact the webmaster.

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Page 01 - Page Index of city names
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