Lag History

For information about Nordfjordlaget see the items listed below:

⇒ Digital Archives

  • Here you will find:

    • Copies of selected published articles from books in the lag archives.
    • Back copies of Nordfjordlag E-News.
    • Lists of past stevne locations.
    • Lists of past officers.
    • Published articles on the history of the Lag banner and the bridal outfit.
    • Photos of honored bridal couples from the lag archives.
    • Copies of Panoramic Photos from the lag archives.
    • Digital photo copies of registration ledgers from 1909 - 1960.
    • and more to come!

⇒ Lag History

  • An article giving a short history of the Lag

⇒ Lag Photos

  • Information and pictures from previous Lag stevner. (Part of the PHOTOS page.)

⇒ Listen to Nordfjording

  • A greeting from Elmer spoken in the version of Nordfjording found in the swift county area of Minnesota.


  • For links to Lags from other regions of Norway try the Fellesraad home pages!
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