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Nordfjordlaget's 50th Year Stevne


At Benson, Minnesota, June 10-11, 1960

The Benson High School Auditorium

Friday morning, June 10

Registration, securing of badges and lodging, business meeting of officers.


Friday afternoon, June 10, 1:30 P.M.

President Oscar Gimmestad opened the 50th anniversary meeting of the Nordfjordlaget. Invocation: Rev. D. E. Severson. Song: 'America' by audience. Address of welcome by the mayor of Benson, Herman Lorenz. Response: President. Oscar Gimmestad. Song: 'Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet' by the audience. Rasmus Raad and Ole A. Svor of the local committee welcomed the audience. Albert E. Svor, chairman of the local committee, welcomed the Nordfjordlaget. President Oscar Gimmestad of the 'Lag' asked Peter Snede, treasurer, to check for a quorum. Mr. Snede reported that 37 paid-up members were present.

Then Mr. A. Rye read the proposed amendment to the constitution by-laws of Article 6, which was approved as read. A reading by Mrs. Gilbert Fragodt. Piano solo and encore by Constance Olson. Appointments of committees:


Rasmus Raad, Olie Anderson, Olaf Paulson


John Holvich, Art Svor


Mrs. Christianson, Rev. Hjelmeseth


A. Rye, A. Jergenson

President Oscar Gimmestad commented on the preservation of the 'Lag.' He stated that many people don't want the Nordfjordlaget to die, but many of the same people have never paid their dues. Talk by Rev. R. J. Meland on the beginning of the 'Lag' in Minneapolis in 1910. He stated that they had 270 members, and he read the names of three charter members. He also stated that there were 300 at their first banquet. Rev. Meland was the 'Lag's' first president.

President Oscar Gimmestad commented that there were 60 Bygde Lag, and only 18 are left. The Nordfjord Lag is one of the few than can celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

Norwegian solo, 'Kan du glemme gamle Norge,' by Bonnie Lou Svor, 15-year-old daughter of Albert Svor, Benson, Minnesota. Song, 'Nordfjordlaget's Song,' by the audience.

Friday evening, June 10, 8 p.m.

Opening remarks by President Oscar Gimmestad. Concert by Our Redeemer's Male Chorus, directed by Albert Lokken, and accompanied by Mrs. Albert Lokken. Flute solos by Lars Sande, accompanied by Constance Olson - 'The Star Spangled Banner,' 'Ja Vi Elskar Dette Landet,' 'Paasolen Je Ser,' 'Setters Jenten Sondag,' 'Du Gamle Mor,' 'Pol Paa Hougen,' 'Hils Dum Per Heime,' 'Springe Dancen.'

President Oscar Gimmestad introduced the evening speaker, Rev. Njus of Benson. He spoke on olden times in Norway and on the immigration to America.

Accordion and violin duet by Julian Meyer and Clifford Gandrud - 'The Gainlander,' an old time waltz, and 'Kan du Glemme Gamle Norge'

Jorgen Kaarstad, a charter member of the Nordfjordlaget, gave a few remarks on the leadership which has enriched the 'Lag.' President Oscar Gimmestad adjourned the meeting and outlined the program for the next day. Rev. Meland gave the closing prayer.

Saturday morning, June 11, 10:30 a.m.

The meeting was called to order by President Oscar Gimmestad. Rev. Meland asked the blessing. Vocal solos by Bonnie Lou Svor - 'Kjaerlighed Fra Gud,' and 'Aa kjo-re vat- en og kjo-re ye.' President Hertsgaard of the Bygdelagenes Fellesraad gave a talk in Norwegian on Norway and the Bygde Lagene in America. President Oscar Gimmestad responded and delegated Rev. Hjelmeseth and Mrs. Christianson to draw up the resolution of the 'Lag.' A reading was then given by Clara Swingseth. An invitation was extended to the 'Lag' from the chairman of the Dairy Day that was being held in Benson that day. President Oscar Gimmestad responded by thanking him for the invitation.

Business meeting: The secretary's report was read and accepted as read. Mr. A. Rye of the auditing committee read the treasurer's report which was accepted. He listed the f or mer balance as $467.68, the expenses as $8.99, and the pres ent balance as $385.69.

A group of ladies from Swift Falls, Minnesota, known as the Kitchen Novelty Band, entertained with several musical numbers. President Oscar Gimmestad gave his report to the 'Lag' and called on the committee for the placing of the next meeting. They had no places to suggest. Mrs. Christianson of the resolution committee reported that the resolution was drawn up. It was moved to adopt the resolution, as follows:

The Nordfjordlaget at convention in Benson, Minnesota, June 11, 1960, adopted the following resolutions.

(1) We are thankful to the local committee for the work it has done in preparing for this convention and also to the banquet committee, the newspapers, speakers, and all others who are taking part in the program. We appreciate the fine welcome and interest in our convention.

(2) We recognize in appreciation the efforts of the faithful officers of the Nordfjordlaget and the members who have shown their interest in the work of the society.

(3) We encourage all members of Nordfjordlaget and all people from Nordfjord and their descendants to be mindful of the 50th anniversary of the Nord fjordlaget in order that the society might continue as an active group.

(4) We encourage every member present at this convention to pay his dues to the treasurer in order that the society will have funds necessary to operate. Anyone who is not a member but wishes to make a donation because of his cultural interest is welcome to do so.

Signed: Rev. John Hjelmeseth

Mrs. Oren Christianson

Saturday afternoon, June 11, 1:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by President Oscar Gimmestad. The nominating committee reported on the candidates for office. The following officers were elected:

President.............. A. Rye

Vice-President......... John Hovich

Secretary.............. Albert E. Svor

Treasurer.............. Martin Mittness

Rev. Hjelmeseth made the motion to elect the three directors by ballots. The motion was seconded, voted on, and carried. Rev. Meland then made the motion to keep on with the standing vote. Vote down. The following directors were elected:

Arden Jorgenson.......... Clarkfield, Minnesota

Hjalmer Hegdal........... Winfield, South Dakota

C. Kolben Orness......... Minneapolis, Minnesota

A memorial for our departed members was given by Rev. Hjelmeseth. President Oscar Gimmestad read a resolution of greeting to be sent to King Olaf of Norway from the 'Lag.' Voted on and carried. Vocal solo by Rev. Melvin Sucher - ' This House.' Violin solo by Kolben Orness. Mouth organ music by John Holvich. Mr. Olaf Raad, who is a school teacher in Norway and is visiting his brother in Benson, brought greetings from Norway. Special greetings came from Firda Ungdom slag. The greeting for Nordfjordlaget's 50th anniversary was read by the future president, A. Rye. Telegrams of congratulation to the Nordfjordlaget's anniversary and its continual success for the future years were received from the following persons and societies:

Governor Orville Freeman

State Treasurer Val Bjornson

Senator Hubert Humphrey

Consul-general of Norway Sigveland

King Olaf of Norway

Jorgen Kaarstad

Hardangerlaget (which was holding its stevne at Fargo, North Dakota)

These telegrams were read by President Oscar Gimmestad President-elect A. Rye and Rev. Meland.

Vocal solo by Arthur Dale - 'Paa Solen Jeg Ser.' The charter members attending the meeting were honored by the 'Lag:'

(1) Rev. R. J. Meland, (2) David Bodal, (3) J. D.

Kaarstad, (4) Rasmus Sande, (5) Mr. and Mrs.

Ole A. Svor, (6) Iver Hugen and (7) Inga Clausen.

Governor Orville Freeman, attending the regional Dairy Day at Benson as a speaker, gave us a pleasant surprise by taking time from his busy schedule to appear and to speak to the 'Lag' about his recent visit to the Scandinavian countries.

Folk songs by Norsk Johnson. Presentation of the bridal couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ole A. Svor. They were married June 11, 1910. They spent their honeymoon attending the first Nordfjordlaget in Minneapolis and their golden wedding anniversary at the 50th anniversary of the 'Lag.'

Saturday evening, June 11, 5-7 p.m.

Banquet program at Our Redeemer's Fellowship Hall. Solo by Roger Westby. Banquet meal. Piano solo by Mrs. Roger Westby. Flute solo by Lars Sande.

Saturday Evening, June 11, 8 p.m.

Band concert by the Benson High School band, directed by Albert Lokken. Talk by Norwegian Consul Sigveland, who brought greetings from the Norwegian government and told the story of the origin of the Christmas tree. It originated in Germany, and the Norwegians received it from Germany 90 years ago.

Talk by incoming president, A. Rye, who asked for the support of all members and of all Nordfjordings for the continued success of the 'Lag.'

Showing of films about Norway by Simon Olson, Montevideo, Minnesota.

Outgoing Secretary,

J. R. Seime

Belview, Minnesota

Prepared by Secretary Albert E. Svor,

Benson, Minnesota


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