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Picture of Elmer 1916-2010

Elmer is the youngest of eleven children born to Ole and Oline.  (Yes! That's "Oh-lee" and "Oh-lee-na" ["Lee-na" for short] ... Honest!)  Ole was born in Loen, Nordfjord, Norway and Oline was born in Minnesota shortly after her parents arrived from Innvik, Nordfjord.  Norwegian (Nordfjording) was the language around the farm, and was also spoken by most of the neighbors.  Elmer, as he would say, was confirmed "on Norwegian".  Since the language has been cut off from the normal linguistic alteration taking place in Norway it has changed little since Ole came over "on the boat".  Of course, anglicized words have crept into the language as new ideas and objects were encountered here in the United States, but the base is still intact.

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A literal translation of the "nordfjording.wav" file. 
            Good day, good people!  Many Nordfjordings here today! 
            I hope you have a good day here at the Nordfjord Lag stevne. 
            My father came from Nordfjord, [in an area] that they called 
            Lodahlen or Stryn.  He came out here and settled near Swift Falls. 
            We are going to have some food now afterwards, and then have 
            lefsa and rømmegraut.  I hope you all have a good day!
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